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    09-03-2011Author: basdenooijer

    I’ve worked on a lot of Solr implementations in PHP applications. There are multiple solutions: manual HTTP requests, the solr-php-client library, custom implementations etcetera. However they all have one issue in common: they only handle the communication with Solr, many other important parts like query building are not covered at all. And the parts that are covered are usually over-simplified.

    In my previous post Integrating Solr with PHP I did a comparison of several of the available options. Since then I’ve done more research and started to make notes of all issues I came across and all features I missed. Based on these notes I’ve started a project that tries to accurately model Solr and go one step beyond the existing solutions.

    This process has taken several months, with lots of refactoring to reach what I think is the optimal model. At first I developed it as a library for my own projects, but I’ve decided to turn it into an opensource project. The project is called ‘Solarium’ and can be found on github:

    Please see the GitHub project wiki for more info about Solarium, the current status and some examples.
    I think the Solarium library in it’s current state is already very useful, but lot’s of great features are upcoming. I will regularly post updates.

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  • 2 comments on “Solarium PHP Solr client

    • Swarnendu De
      14 April 2011 at 13:58


      I was looking for an article like this. I installed SOLR and I was just checking with different PHP Clients for Solr. Then I started reading all your Solr related articles and I think I can start with Solarium for my current work.


    • 3 November 2011 at 14:40

      wow!!,am building a web app and I love your documentation.I think I will go with solarium.