• Solarium 3

    03-01-2013Author: basdenooijer

    A new major version of Solarium (3.0.0) is out! This is the biggest changeset for Solarium since the start of the project, and includes the following:

    • Support only PHP 5.3+
    • Fully namespaced
    • File restructuring and class renaming
    • Code style switched from Zend Framework 1 to Symfony 2 (but Solarium is still not tied to a framework!)
    • The concept of ‘Endpoints’ was introduced to support multiple Solr instances/cores in one client
    • Interfaces were added for all important concepts in the library
    • Internal classmaps for querytypes and components were simplified
    • The default adapter has been switched to Curl
    • OmitHeader support was added and enabled by default
    • Edismax is now a separate component (used to be combined with Dismax)
    • Http authentication support
    • Support for the Extract querytype, to index various documents
    • Support for PHPS Solr response data (in some cases much faster)
    • Custom hooks have been replaced by the very well documented and tested Symfony EventDispatcher component.
    • CreateFacet* methods can now directly add the created facet
    • The spellcheck component query now supports placeholders
    • Tagging and excluding of the main querystring is now supported
    • Added new grouping params: group.func, group.format, group.facet
    • Update query supports softCommit
    • The Curl adapter now has proxy support
    • Geospatial functions in query helper now support dereferenced params
    • Facet results can now be extracted from the response data (facets defined in the Solr config, not in your Solarium query

    All the features have been documented in the manual and example code for new features or updated features is included in the release. An upgrade guide is also available in the manual.

    Work on the next release (3.1) has already started. , this release will be focussed on implementing Solr 4 features.


  • One comment on “Solarium 3

    • Amit Aggarwal
      25 March 2013 at 08:22

      Hello Dude,

      You have created awesome solr php libarary. I havn’t used it yet but yes after reading examples given in examples/ directory its seems to use damn simple and documentation is great.
      Now I am going to implement it in my project

      Thanks a lot and hopefully I will contact you further , if I can integerate it with my appplication without any hiccups 🙂 … Nice work