• Introducing the Solr ScriptUpdateProcessor

    08-12-2013Author: basdenooijer

    Earlier this year joined forces with a great group of developers, to create the Dutch Web Alliance. You can read all about it here: www.dutchweballiance.nl I’ve recently published an article on the DWA blog about the Solr ScriptUpdateProcessor. The ScriptUpdateProcessors enables custom update processing code to be written in several scripting languages (Javascript, Ruby, Groovy or […]

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  • Using a proxy for Capifony/Capistrano deployments

    17-07-2013Author: basdenooijer

    I’m currently working on a Symfony2 based project. For deployments to various environments we use Capifony, a collection of Capistrano recipes for Symfony applications. This works like a charm, however there was one issue with the production environment. Due to the setup of this server web access is only possible using a proxy. This caused issues […]

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  • The power of ActiveMq and virtual topics

    24-04-2013Author: basdenooijer

    ActiveMq is an opensource message broker, with lots of enterprise features. And while it’s written in Java, it can be used in almost any environment using one of the interfaces it provides. We used it in a PHP project I’ve worked on recently, with the PHP Stomp extension as the client. If you’re not familiar with […]

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  • Solarium 3

    03-01-2013Author: basdenooijer

    A new major version of Solarium (3.0.0) is out! This is the biggest changeset for Solarium since the start of the project, and includes the following: Support only PHP 5.3+ Fully namespaced File restructuring and class renaming Code style switched from Zend Framework 1 to Symfony 2 (but Solarium is still not tied to a […]

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  • Benchmarking PHP Solr response data handling

    28-02-2012Author: basdenooijer

    Solr supports multiple output formats. Some are for general use (xml, json) and some are even language specific. If you’re using PHP these are the most logical response writer formats: xml json phps (serialized php) php (php code to execute) On top of that PHP offers multiple ways to parse XML. I’m benchmarking these options […]

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  • Solr delay component

    04-01-2012Author: basdenooijer

    First of all, why would you want to slow Solr down? After all, it’s great speed is one of the main reasons it’s become so popular. Well, I need to slow Solr down for testing load balancing timeouts / failover and to test parallel execution. Both are hard to do with response times well below […]

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  • Solr select query GET vs POST request

    22-12-2011Author: basdenooijer

    In most cases a GET request is used to send select queries to Solr. This is how it’s done in most examples, it’s easy to test in the browser and easy to implement. However, Solr also supports POST requests for select queries. This can for instance be useful if you use complex Solr queries with […]

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  • New Solarium website

    22-06-2011Author: basdenooijer

    I’ve made lots of progress since my last post about Solarium 2.0: the first release candidate is out (actually for several weeks already!) At that point I decided that Solarium needs a user friendly website, and not just a bunch of documentation pages. It’s been in the works for a few weeks now, and I’ve […]

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  • Solarium 2.0

    06-05-2011Author: basdenooijer

    Several weeks ago Solarium 1.0 was released. Since then lots of development has been going on. Many features were added: MoreLikeThis support, range facet, multiQuery facet, DisMax support, geospatial search support and highlighting. The target for these features was originally Solarium 1.1, however I’ve changed the plans. In this post I’ll explain why, and what […]

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  • My experiences with writing documentation

    12-04-2011Author: basdenooijer

    Like most developers I don’t like writing documentation. But when I decided to turn Solarium into an opensource project some months ago I really needed to write quite a bit of documentation, because I feel good documentation is very important for an opensource project (actually, for any project…) But there are many ways to document […]

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