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  • Using a proxy for Capifony/Capistrano deployments

    17-07-2013Author: basdenooijer

    I’m currently working on a Symfony2 based project. For deployments to various environments we use Capifony, a collection of Capistrano recipes for Symfony applications.┬áThis works like a charm, however there was one issue with the production environment. Due to the setup of this server web access is only possible using a proxy. This caused issues […]

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  • Stunnel, a practical solution for SSL/TLS

    10-09-2010Author: basdenooijer

    TLS/SSL encryption is generaly a good thing to use, however it can in some cases be hard to implement. Stunnel is a small program that provides SSL/TLS capabilities to clients and/or servers that don’t speak SSL/TLS natively. It basically works like a proxy, transparently adding an encryption layer to the communication layer; or removing it. […]

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