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  • The power of ActiveMq and virtual topics

    24-04-2013Author: basdenooijer

    ActiveMq is an opensource message broker, with lots of enterprise features. And while it’s written in Java, it can be used in almost any environment using one of the interfaces it provides. We used it in a PHP project I’ve worked on recently, with the PHP Stomp extension as the client. If you’re not familiar with […]

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  • Solarium 3

    03-01-2013Author: basdenooijer

    A new major version of Solarium (3.0.0) is out! This is the biggest changeset for Solarium since the start of the project, and includes the following: Support only PHP 5.3+ Fully namespaced File restructuring and class renaming Code style switched from Zend Framework 1 to Symfony 2 (but Solarium is still not tied to a […]

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  • Benchmarking PHP Solr response data handling

    28-02-2012Author: basdenooijer

    Solr supports multiple output formats. Some are for general use (xml, json) and some are even language specific. If you’re using PHP these are the most logical response writer formats: xml json phps (serialized php) php (php code to execute) On top of that PHP offers multiple ways to parse XML. I’m benchmarking these options […]

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  • Solarium 2.0

    06-05-2011Author: basdenooijer

    Several weeks ago Solarium 1.0 was released. Since then lots of development has been going on. Many features were added: MoreLikeThis support, range facet, multiQuery facet, DisMax support, geospatial search support and highlighting. The target for these features was originally Solarium 1.1, however I’ve changed the plans. In this post I’ll explain why, and what […]

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  • What features would you like to get in Solarium?

    08-04-2011Author: basdenooijer

    Solarium is quite a young project, and there are still a lot of features to add. The project has been gaining some interest recently and I would really like to know which features are most wanted. So, I’ve created a poll. The most requested features will be placed at the top of the roadmap.

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  • Solarium PHP Solr client

    09-03-2011Author: basdenooijer

    I’ve worked on a lot of Solr implementations in PHP applications. There are multiple solutions: manual HTTP requests, the solr-php-client library, custom implementations etcetera. However they all have one issue in common: they only handle the communication with Solr, many other important parts like query building are not covered at all. And the parts that […]

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  • Stunnel, a practical solution for SSL/TLS

    10-09-2010Author: basdenooijer

    TLS/SSL encryption is generaly a good thing to use, however it can in some cases be hard to implement. Stunnel is a small program that provides SSL/TLS capabilities to clients and/or servers that don’t speak SSL/TLS natively. It basically works like a proxy, transparently adding an encryption layer to the communication layer; or removing it. […]

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  • Integrating Solr with PHP

    20-07-2010Author: basdenooijer

    Currently there isn’t really a standard way to integrate Solr with PHP. For various projects I have used: manual HTTP requests PHP Solr extension solr-php-client library They all have their own pros and cons.

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  • Controlling Varnish ESI inside your application

    05-07-2010Author: basdenooijer

    For me one of the best features of Varnish is ESI (Edge Side Includes).  It allows you to combine elements with different lifetimes into a single page. This way you don’t need to regenerate a complete page as soon as a news listing somewhere on the page changes. And you can still cache pages while […]

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