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  • Applicatie reviews

    12-12-2011Author: basdenooijer Add a comment

    Een applicatie review is een analyse van een applicatie op een of meerdere van de volgende onderdelen: Beveiliging en beschikbaarheid Performance frontend (snelheid voor eindgebruikers) Performance backend (belasting van de infrastructuur) Architectuur (van applicatie tot infrastructuur)

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  • Solr update performance

    08-04-2011Author: basdenooijer

    When I started working with Solr I issued updates just like I was used to do with databases: a single command followed by a commit. Later I discovered this was far from optimal, and started using different update strategies. To demonstrate the differences I’ve done some simple benchmarks with three different update strategies, and as […]

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  • Stunnel, a practical solution for SSL/TLS

    10-09-2010Author: basdenooijer

    TLS/SSL encryption is generaly a good thing to use, however it can in some cases be hard to implement. Stunnel is a small program that provides SSL/TLS capabilities to clients and/or servers that don’t speak SSL/TLS natively. It basically works like a proxy, transparently adding an encryption layer to the communication layer; or removing it. […]

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  • Cross-domain XHR with Varnish

    09-07-2010Author: basdenooijer

    Cross-domain XHR (AJAX) requests can be an issue. There are workarounds like JSONP but sometimes JSONP is not available, or you need a POST request, or you have other special requirements that require usage of XHR. In that case a webproxy on your own domain is often used to resolve the crossdomain issue. There are […]

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  • Controlling Varnish ESI inside your application

    05-07-2010Author: basdenooijer

    For me one of the best features of Varnish is ESI (Edge Side Includes).  It allows you to combine elements with different lifetimes into a single page. This way you don’t need to regenerate a complete page as soon as a news listing somewhere on the page changes. And you can still cache pages while […]

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